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Operation: Tango is A Wild Spy Co-op

Let me get this out of the way first — I have watched every single 007 film, owing to my father’s love of the series. So when Operation: Tango dropped, I rushed at the first opportunity to play and preview it. Opening up the game, I chose the elite agent — a badass capable of sneaking into and disguising as anything.

On the other end, my gameplay partner was a hacker working to infiltrate the various security systems that stood in our way. Operation: Tango’s asymmetric gameplay meant I never saw what my partner did — only what was relayed to me. The art style was funky and reminiscent of 90s comics — with its bold lines and use of bright colour.

Getting into the bad guy’s tower was swift and simple. I even got the chance to listen to my choice of elevator music, complete with 3D holograms! The lair was as much a homage to the egoistic Bond villains as it was to futuristic architecture. There was even a shark swimming around!

Breaking in, my partner and I swiftly got past the security systems and soon came face to face with the objective of our game — a virus genome sequence (not that virus). The demo ended soon after, but the thrill of sneaking in and successfully extracting the item felt great. The ending sequence has the hacker hanging from a helicopter as my spy leaps her way to safety.

Operation: Tango
Mission: Not Impossible

Operation: Tango takes the spy genre and puts a wonderful co-op twist to it. There were a lot of fun moments as both parties voice chatted — with a couple of frenzied yells thrown in for good measure. I really look forward to what they have in store for the full game, as I’ll have my gear ready to go!

You can try out Operation: Tango’s demo on Steam. Don’t forget to wishlist it too!  

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