E3 2017 | Ooblets Trailer Launches. Farm, Collect Creatures, & More

Ooblets got a trailer launched during the PC Gaming Show at this years E3 2017, and everyone’s talking about how cute it is.

Ooblets, a title by Glumberland got a feature rich trailer at this years E3 2017 PC Gaming Show, in which we got to see the character farming, collecting creatures, running with said creatures, arranging a custom room, dancing, flying a hot air balloon,

The game allows you to manage your own farm, similar to Harvest Moon, live normal town life in game as you would in Animal Crossing, and inspired by Pokémon, allows players to collect creatures. You can also run your own shop, venture around the world, battle wild creatures.

Players will be able to customise how their character looks, taking control of their hair styles, and clothing. They can also play the game at their on pace, playing however they’re comfortable, going off and collecting seeds, items, furniture, machinery, badges, and even friends. Ooblet clubs can be joined also.

The title shall be arriving on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

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