One Million Downloads For “Let It Die”, In-Game Event Celebrates Achievement

Grasshopper Manufacture pushed out their free-to-play PS4 exclusive last month on the 3rd December 2016, and since then it has already hit one million downloads. Incredible!

It seems to be a number I’m seeing a lot this month. Campo Santo announced that their February ’16 title, Firewatch has hit one million downloads the other day. I now have one million dollars in GTA V Online, and now Grasshopper Manufacture have hit one million downloads with their PS4 exclusive, Let It Die.

Let It Die is a PS4 free-to-play game in which players climb a tower like structure and fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, starting off with nothing but pants they’ll have to kill enemies and gather weapons and armour that way.

Grasshopper Manufacture announced this news through a Facebook post on their official page. The remarkable achievement of hitting one million downloads in just over three weeks is reason enough for them to run an in-game event to celebrate.The game will be handing out one free Death Metal (In-game currency) each day from the 6th January to the 8th. All players need to do is sign in and claim it at the rewards box.

According to the post there are more details still to come.

Source: Let It Die Facebook Post


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