Now on Greenlight, Blow Everything Up In CeFore, Trailer Live

CeFore, a rather cleverly worded title playing on the explosive device, C4, is now on Steam Greenlight, has a trailer, and is in Pre-Alpha.

Pixelz’s explosive title, CeFore has arrived on Steam Greenlight and looks like it could be the physics sandbox players dream with explosions being the main selling point to the title. Using the laws of physics and explosions, players must bring down structures in the most creative ways they possibly can without causing too much damage. The reason for this is because Baro, the player controlled intergalactic contractor is set the task of gathering data from other planets, in doing so he destroys structures and the environment to get what he wants.

The title makes the most of the physics by enabling the entire environment to be affected, and with more than fifteen tools to use, players should be able to destroy in all manners of fun and interesting ways. Players will be able to customise their ship and even Baro is can be customised.

With a possible multiplayer system being implemented, friends can also join in and together you could create carnage, however this mode hasn’t been confirmed to be happening yet. The title is looking to be Greenlit still, and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

You can view the trailer below and it features in-game, pre-alpha footage showing off a free moving Baro with a fancy UI for placing tools to destroy the environment. I’d hope the game is nicely optimised as it looks like future builds could come with some stuttering issues when improved graphics and the amount of physics increases.

Source: CeFore Website 


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