Nintendo Direct – Nindies Showcase Round Up

A bonanza of indie titles coming to Switch

With the latest Nintendo Direct having charged in, screamed the names of upcoming indie titles for 10 minutes, and then galloped back off into the setting sun; we’ve summarised the list of games coming out later this year for the Nintendo Switch.


Mark of the Ninja – Beautiful stealth action platformer by Klei Entertainment is set to release this autumn.

Fantasy Strike – Easy-to-learn-hard-to-master 2D cell shaded fighter by Sirlin Games, coming in the summer.

Just Shapes and Beats – Rythm action bullet hell, releasing in the summer.

Pool Panic – Comical pool / puzzle game will be gracing the Switch sometime later this year.

Bomb Chicken – Pioneer of the “explosive chicken egg” platforming genre, exploding onto switch later in the summer.

Lumines Remastered – Music-based puzzler, remastering on Switch soon in spring.

Reigns: Kings & Queens – Switch edition of the popular mobile game Reigns: Her Majesty with co-op, a simple decision-based game, coming Spring

Garage – A top down hyper-violent zombie shooter with a VHS B-movie vibe; releasing spring.

Light Fall – Beautiful and atmospheric platformer coming very soon in spring.

West of Loathing – Comical action RPG in the Stick Man Wild West in the spring.

Pode – Adorable co-op exploration puzzler, releasing in the spring.

The Messenger – Retro ninja platformer with 8 and 16 bit graphical switching, releases in the summer.

Bad North – Real-time tactical roguelike with vikings, releasing in the summer.

Banner Saga 3 – Final conclusion to the real-time viking tactical game, releasing on the Switch first in the summer.


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