News | Sacre Bleu, a New 2.5D Platformer, Details & Trailer Released

Hildring Studio, a small, one-man studio from Norway have released details and the above trailer for their first title, Sacre Bleu.

It’s set in 1650, with the main character – Enrique LeBleu – a musketeer who has been wrongly imprisoned. You’ll be controlling LeBleu as he ascends the Bastille to escape, and then travels Paris in an effort to track down and bring to justice those who framed him.

The game is made with the new Unreal engine, which does seem to manage 2.5D titles exceptionally well. That said, the developer – Stein Løtveit – has a lot of experience and ability in animation, as showcased by their previous work on their [IMDB] page – and I’d argue that it’s immediately clear when you look at the game as it currently stands. Most importantly though, the game looks really fun, especially the tough melee swordfighting.

There’s no word on how far development is along, however the game has been listed as coming to a mass of formats.

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