News | Renowned Explorers: More to Explore Now On Steam

Abbey Games have finally released, Renowned Explorers: More to Explorea strategy adventure game with RPG elements is now available for PC on Steam and was released (31st May 2016)

It’s set in a fictitious world based around the 19th century, with gameplay that bases itself on the attitudes of characters, which, “challenges both your tactical and storytelling skills.” Renowned Explorers will take you to worlds such as, Egypt, and the Caribbean, worlds that will contain various treasures that will adapt to your characters with various outcomes. These treasures will also be used to help you fund your next expedition.

You’ll have 20 characters, and will be able to choose 3 of those; there are speakers and fighters, both have personalities that will either aid, or be your downfall in a battle. Depending on who you bring into your crew, each battle will be different and there are three ways to win it. Melee attacks, charming them away, or scaring them away.

You can “Become a Diplomat, Aggressor or Manipulator” and you can choose whether to visit these places for science reasons, greed, popularity, fame, etc. Be careful though, there are two game modes, and in Adventure mode if you die, it’s permadeath, you won’t be eligible for a respawn.

You can check out the Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on updates, and you can visit the store page by clicking below.

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