News | Finish Line Games Announce “Maize” – An Absurdist Adventure Game

Finish Line Games (Cel Damage HD) have announced their next title, and it’s a satisfyingly quirky one if it the pitch is to be believed. Maize sees you exploring a long abandoned farmhouse and the secret lab hidden beneath it, all while being confronted with the perverse and absurd effects the lab had on the surrounding.

“Channeling elements of Monty Python and the funnier episodes of the X-Files, Maize is an absurdist, first-person adventure with a cornucopia of highbrow puzzles to solve, talking oddities to meet, and mysteries to be harvested, coming later this fall to PC.

Explore the desolate farm for clues to the past, venture deeper into the underground research facility, and make a few… colorful friends along the way, including a grumpy Russian knock-off of the most technologically advanced toy ever created: Teddy Ruxpin.”

There’s a decent amount of promise in there, however with only that to go on – and a very minimal (if technologically impressive) teaser showing a cob of corn batting away a bird – we’re left waiting for more information. Hopefully it will come soon, as at the moment there’s little for us to speculate on outside of the quirky, Looking-Glass style character quirks we’ll likely experience based on the description.

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