New Game+ Mode Added to Chroma Squad with Free Update

Behold Studios have released a free content update for their Power-Rangers-inspired show, management game adding post game content and some balance tweaks.

Chroma Squad, which launched on Steam back in 2015 following its successful 2013 Kickstarter, has received a free update adding multiple New Game+ modes as well as tweaking and balancing the games difficulty modes and a few specific fights.

The game sees players leading five actors off on their quest to start their own sentai heroes show at their own independent studios – the game plays out with tactical combat, wonderful pixel art, and catchy music.

With the update the game received both New Game+ and New Game++ modes which allow you to continue on with your current party, but with randomised enemies, new items, and altered goals on the games’ episodes. In addition to this, as the story is running again, players can choose take different decisions at the story’s branching points to see what they missed out on.

Meanwhile, difficulty levels were all tweaked, and a new mode ‘Heroic Difficulty’ was also added to the game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, why not check out our review from earlier in the year, here? Alternately, you can find the game’s features list from its Steam page below:

Customize your TV studio: hire actors, upgrade your gear, do marketing, craft weapons, costumes and giant cardboard robots!

Tactical RPG combat with a twist: combine your heroes’ abilities with Teamwork maneuvers!

In-Depth RPG systems with skill trees, random equipment, crafting, and branching storyline with 3 different endings!

Giant Mecha combat – destroy the city to save the city!

A love letter to Power Rangers, Tokusatsu and the Japanese series of our childhoods!

Deliciously-animated pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack that shines like justice!

This is likely the final update for Chroma Squad as the developers are now close to releasing their next title, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, which sees players controlling a group of Pen & Paper players in a Science Fiction RPG. The Sci-Fi RPG-RPG launches on the 29th of July for PC. Those interested can read our preview of it here,

Chroma Squad is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via several outlets. At time of writing it is on sale over on Steam.

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