‘My Eyes on You’ Questions How to Find a Killer When Everybody Wears a Mask.

My Eyes on You: 20XX Chicago is wracked with fear of a mysterious serial killer known only as The Man in the Red Mask and the thugs he commands.

The issue for FBI analyst Jordan Adalien is that the moody, neon-lit Chicago of the near future wears a mask itself — it’s always carnival in Chicago, and almost everybody partakes, enjoying the ambiguity created. With that in mind My Eyes on You is a story about not just what can’t be seen, but also what can’t be proven: the supernatural.

The Man in The Red Mask, Carnival Man, is the archetypal villain in his ability to be one step ahead, but it’s up to the player to decide whether that ability stems from rational or irrational means. This comes as a result of the player deciding which clues and pieces of evidence are truth and which are irrelevant — each extreme leading to a resolution, but one a possible story of demons and spirits, the other of a genius turned maniac.

While players dictate the leads Jordan follows, there are plenty of things they are not in charge of: for one, his mental well-being. If he is surrounded, outnumbered, or simply worn down then he’ll become wracked with concern and anxiety. As his state of mind weakens the world around him will change, and his abilities will wane. A perfect justification for players to remain calm-and-collected, avoiding violent situations wherever possible.

The game starts with the player working as a group of agents re-assigned to the case, however game director Val Daniels stated —when I met him at Gamescom earlier in the year— that Adalien would be quickly betrayed, left to fend on his own as he made his way around the back-alleys and dark shadows of the alternate-universe Chicago which My Eyes on You uses as a setting.

In creating a third-person title which revolves around perception and mystery, Storymind Entertainment —a Ukrainian team comprised of ex Witcher, Metro, Cossacks, and Stalker developers— have a promising title which occupies a unique setting.

You can follow development of My Eyes on You over on their website, or on their Twitter.

When the game launches it will do so for PC, Xbox One & PS4.


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