Moving Out is like Overcooked but moving furniture

If you’re a fan of games like Overcooked then you’ll love Moving Out — a chaotic multiplayer where you need to move all of the furniture out of a house, in a selected amount of time and place them into a moving truck.

I know this may not sound like Overcooked, but the graphic style and general havoc is there. You’ll also need to work with other players to get larger items out or risk taking ages to move and adjust a couch to fit through a door.

The houses aren’t always very normal. In the demo I played at EGX, we took on a haunted house, with ghosts that would destroy you, forcing you to wait a few seconds to respawn. These ghosts also haunted the furniture, moving them around the house and out of the van when we did get them in. This had us throwing items off of one floor and into a garden, where another player would grab them up and move it to the van. Someone else was stationed in the van, making sure the haunted chairs didn’t work their way out.

Breaking windows, doors and creating new ways to get items out of the house is just a part of the fun and chaos. Moving out does give you plenty of these strange places, including a farm where the animals need to get back in their cages. Everyone needs a moving company, the one you work for is just the most chaotic. 

Moving Out

All of the furniture is physics based, so you can throw them in an attempt to get items out of the house faster. They don’t actually break or anything, so you can be a bit rough. Moving Out is a great addition to the couch co-op library. 

Moving Out is coming to PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox in 2020, but you can wishlist it now on Steam.

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