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Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 6 – Skyrim’s Creator Club Survival Mod

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Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 6 – Skyrim’s Creator Club Survival Mod

Mini Boss Babble are smaller, one topic cuts from our otherwise extensive weekly podcast.

In this Mini Boss Babble we discuss the recently released survival mod which has launched for Bethesda’s Skyrim via the creation club.

The survival mod, as it turns out, includes a lot of features which are already present in existing, free, mods: Frostfall and iNeed.

Modding, and paid mods, is a regular discussion for the team, however this topic brings out a different side of the discussion — do modders hold any ownership over the idea behind the mod? It appears that they don’t, that’s for sure.

Dann leads the topic, while Terry & Toby build onto the vanilla conversation by implementing lots of new features, like opinions.

If you’re interested in hearing the full podcast, complete with bonus content, then you have many choices, including:

– Checking out our Big Boss Babble archive on
– Heading over to the Big Boss Babble Podiant feed.

Or you can check out our Mini Boss Babble Podiant feed.

Can’t find us on your ideal podcast feed? Let us know and we’ll get ourselves over there for you.

Intro music:
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