Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 3 – Silicon Echo

Changes in September Update included a new sorting screen. Image from Steam/Valve.
Mini Boss Babble Episode 9: Part 3 – Silicon Echo

Mini Boss Babble are smaller, one topic cuts from our otherwise extensive weekly podcast.

In this Mini Boss Babble we discuss Silicon Echo, a developer which had 200 of its games removed from Valve’s Steam Store a couple of weeks back.

The 200 titles which were removed had been, reportedly, the source of over 50% of the complaints that Valve had been receiving since upload. The reasons for the complaints? They were mass produced titles, asset-flips and re-skins of games the company had already released.

It’s a fantastic topic, and adds onto the extensive discussion of late about the massive amounts of games which are being added to the platform daily since the restrictions on what can-and-can’t be sold of the store has been reduced to a simple payment of $100 per submission. The new system replaces Greenlight, a system which required a similar value but as a donation —albeit once per developer, rather than game— which was considered corrupted and easily manipulated due to the crowd-sourced approval system.

Is there such a thing as too many games? No. However, if the storefront is not approachable, easy to navigate, and curated, then both players and creators will suffer in the deluge.

Terry leads the topic, while Dann & Toby have the same opinions but in red and blue palette swaps.

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“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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