Mini Boss Babble Episode 5: Part 5 – Flashcarts

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Mini Boss Babble Episode 5: Part 5 – Flashcarts

Mini Boss Babble are smaller, one topic cuts from our otherwise extensive weekly podcast.

In this, the fifth part of our fifth Big Boss Babble podcast, we discuss flashcards, a storage medium used to emulate the controls and feel of older platforms by actually requiring a version of the console to function.

What starts off as a simple discussion on the principle becomes a discussion on some of the older generation’s technology, as well as some discussion on the technology itself.

Flashmaster Trence takes the topic, while Dan, Dann, and Jorge mutter about the good old days.

Can’t find us on your ideal podcast feed? Let us know and we’ll get ourselves over there for you.

Intro music:
“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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