March Schedule Arrives For Hitman

Hitman get’s a schedule breakdown for March bringing only one elusive.

IO Interactive have pushed out a new content schedule for March.  This month will see only one elusive target and mostly escalations.

  • Week One (6th – 12th): This will bring players to Marrakesh to take on an escalation contract.
  • Week Two (13th – 19th): This shall bring an elusive target set in Colorado. This will be the 22nd elusive target to arrive in the game. There will also be an update for the game taking place during this week.
  • Week Three (20th – 26th): Players will get to try their hand at ten new featured contracts for the third week.
  • Week Four (27th – April 2nd): This week shall bring another escalation contract, this time being set in Bangkok.

There will be details on the updates when they become available.

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  1. Dann Sullivan says

    Just a Colorado elusive this time? A shame, but still, the last Colorado one was really fun!

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