LudoCherry’s Signature Skirt Is An Adventure On Print

Yes, I put on a wig for this. #worthit
Last year, I interviewed LudoCherry’s founder Phoebe Wild on her wildly successful Kickstarter for board game themed clothing. This year, I put on and whirl in LudoCherry’s Signature print skirt — which features two (deep!) functional pockets.

Keeping to the theme of board games, I picked out the classic D20 dice print skirt, which is also LudoCherry’s logo theme. From a distance, the skirt is a fabulously patterned chic skirt. On closer inspection, it is a homage to the classic D20 dice, a staple of Dungeons & Dragons. After all, all bards, witches, and druids have to look their best when traversing the lands of the rat-infested bar.

Manufactured from an environmentally-friendly manufacturer that uses high grade cotton, the skirt feels as good as it looks — with a simple, hidden zip for a no-frills put on and removal. I decided to take some pictures with themed board games (Wingspan and Runes & Regulations), plus a bonus GIF to see the lovely swoosh that all LudoCherry skirts carry.

As an avid board gamer and themed clothing enthusiast, LudoCherry’s clothing line is just the thing for me. This would be the perfect addition for not just outings (post-pandemic, obviously) but when I’m in the middle of a De Vulgari Eloquentia or an Oceans campaign, I want to look good as I blow the competition out of the water. 

What’s more is LudoCherry’s clothing line comes with 4 other cool designs — Polka Dice, Meeple Garden, Victory and the Lovecraftian addition “Madness”! Currently their line is just button-up shirts and skirts, but there are plans in the future for more!

Many thanks to Phoebe & LudoCherry for sponsoring this skirt, and I look forward to more from you!

You can purchase a selection of LudoCherry apparel at their BGG store — both skirts and shirts are available in limited quantities. If you would like to know more, visit their website or Twitter.

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