Legrand Legacy On Way To 1000 Backers, New Location Detailed

SEMISOFT announced the other day on the 3rd of February that they are now on their way to 1000 backers, and they also have a new location to show off, Dorei.

SEMISOFT have stated that they are now at over 80% funded with over 750 backers. They are now on the road to 1000 backers, which will bring a fifth bonus song being added to the games soundtrack.

They also showed images and details of a fisherman’s village named, Dorei. It can be found in the western area of of Legrand and sits away from populated areas, meaning the population fish and hunt to provide for the village. It’s a quiet location away from the war between Fandor, and Altea.

Source: Steam Update Page


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  1. Revinia says

    Onwards to 1000 backers! Once again, thanks for the feature and for keeping your fine readership updated with the latest news from the world of Legrand. Greetings from the Semisoft and Legrand Legacy Team.

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