Latest Civilization VI Trailer Focuses on Generating Culture

The latest video released by Firaxis for Civ VI, the latest installation in the long-running strategy series, is centered around culture.

Firaxis have been releasing trailers on certain aspects of Civilization VI‘s systems over the past couple of months – albeit starting with simple matters like choosing a Civ, and exploration.

This week’s subject however is the matter of generating culture, a system that’s undergone a lot of work in the latest title, with its heavy ties to the new Civics feature.

If you normally dabble in 4X Strategy titles, or have played a few games of Civ VI then there’s little to learn here, however at the rate the videos are plodding along I would imagine we’ll get to some of the micro and deeper strategies as time goes on.

I’ve not played much of Civ VI since it first launched, having finished three or four games; this trailer has served to remind me of one thing, the game’s exceptional soundtrack.

Civilization VI is available now on PC & Mac, it will be launching later in the year for Linux.

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