Kova Announcement Trailer Introduces a Beautiful Science Fiction Side Scrolling RPG

Kova lands on Steam Greenlight, arrives with an announcement trailer.

Coming from Black Hive Media, this side-scrolling RPG follows the tale of Kova Rimor, a space mercenary who finds themselves stumbling upon a beacon. She tries to understand its mystery by travelling to different planets, but the way is paved with enemies, and side quests.

There are three factions to choose from, each one come with their own perks and missions. The weapons available are upgradable, as are your ship and skills. The animations look wonderfully fluid, and the setting of each planet, whilst having their own distinct atmospheres, look rather haunting and derelict in some, whereas others breathe life and dialogues.

The trailer can be found below, and the title is due to a 2017 release around the Q4 period and is currently only confirmed for a PC release, however other platforms may be announced. Kova is also making a greenlight stint to get approved and you can view that page here.

Source: Press Release

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