Konami Detail Super Bomberman R Multiplayer Configuration Modes

Konami have announced that the title will be playable with four Nintendo Switch consoles , bringing up to eight players battling it out locally. 

The way the multiplayer controller configuration works have been described by Konami in a series of images that also detail what game modes are coming to the hands of players. And while I had no doubt that it would be multiplayer, it was still a sigh of relief to see that Konami is bringing multiplayer to the latest title. And it seems to bring players together.

Multiplayer Battle is a gamemode in which you can connect up to eight Joy-Cons locally to a single Switch…which means you’d need to either get a lot of Joy-cons or have a lot of friends with Switch consoles.

Local Battle will allow players to connect four Nintendo Switch consoles together, and use each Joy-con, bringing the total players to eight for this game mode.


Online battles can take place with one Nintendo Switch and can allow the use of an individual Joy-con, meaning that two players can play locally while also playing online. Matches can be up to eight players.

It certainly looks like Super Bomberman R will be trying to get players to really take control of the multiplayer element with local play that Nintendo seem to be focusing on when selling the console. And these graphics not only show the aspiration to get several friends together playing a game, but they also seem to be expecting the Switch to sell incredibly well in order for players to be able to just go to their mates and whack out a couple of Joy-cons.

Source: Konami

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