Join Big Boss Battle on Discord

Sometimes just reading a few pieces on a website isn’t enough for some people. Sometimes readers come on to read the dazzling personalities that shimmer throughout our halls and shine through their pieces. Sometimes readers will even drop a social media follow.

Now it’s even easier to stay in touch with our team as we have our own Discord channel. 

You’ll be able to see the Big Boss Battle team online, and team members all over the world means that we should usually have someone on there. Feel free to go on and talk about your recent gaming experiences, jump on to waffle about the latest gaming news, discuss reviews or articles that we have published, maybe you’re a game developer and want to show us your game? Come along, join in the fun and get to know the faces behind what makes Big Boss Battle great.

It is, after all, our goal to become even more community driven.

See you soon.

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