Jam Favorites: Bitsy Jam: A Secret

There are a ton of game jams happening online at any point during the year. Many of these jams follow a theme and a timeframe, giving developers the challenge of creating a game within the restrictions of a specific jam. I am able to record loads of these games for each and almost every game jam. As I record them all, I pick out games that stand out to me and games that I love from each individual event. This article contains the games I love from ‘Bitsy Jam: A Secret!’

The Bitsy Jam is a monthly game jam which challenges developers to use the Bitsy Engine — which is still in development — to create a game. Each month there is a theme and for this Bitsy Jam, the theme was ‘A Secret’ — hence the name. This is a smaller jam, but full of really creative games each time! A lot of these are short experiences meant to be enjoyed within a few minutes; I played all of them in my compilation video series. Below are a few of my favorites, in a random order.

Local Network

by Michael Arcadi

Local Network is a strange little game where you can explore an entire world inside the ‘local network’. Each area has its own terminal to tell you about its homepage, as well as the people who run this terminal. These characters all have different personalities and phrases to tell you which pertain to how they live their life.

Local Network
Local Network Snazzy

Local Network also has some hidden areas (‘hidden web pages’) that you can find and explore. It isn’t particularly lengthy, but the amount of personality and character each person has is very nice, especially with the restrictions in this engine!

A Secret Bitsy Game 

by HyperStructure Games

A Secret Bitsy Game takes you into a super-beautiful, hand-crafted world of mystery after you fall asleep on your boat. You wash up ashore in a strange land and decide to take a look around. Outside, there seems to be a tablet from a city long lost. No one is sure what happened — whether it was other people who destroyed the civilisation or if they just vanished one day. You can explore this strange town, seeing ruins and ancient bits of their civilization.

A Secret Bitsy Game
A Secret Bitsy Game Gamepaly

Interpret what you find however you see fit and take your time exploring this stunning little world.

My Secret Life 

by Lucky Pixel

My Secret Life is a mysterious game about being inside a terminal that seems to have crashed. You can explore the area, conversing with personal assistants and discovering different places hidden inside this world. Depending on which paths you take and what you discover, you can come to various different endings in this game. Each one is quite unique and some of them are quite strange.

My Secret Life
My Secret Life Gameplay

There is far more than meets the eye in My Secret Life, that’s for sure!

Grabover Manor

by Lordvark

Grabover Manor sees you taking on a secret mission as an escaped rebel in a war-torn land. You have been falsely imprisoned for many years, pleading guilty after months of torture. You figured you’d live your entire life out in this jail, until there was a big escape and you made your way to freedom. Bent on clearing your name and taking revenge, you are now one of the rebels — infiltrating a party hosted by the man who framed you. You will need to blend in and figure out what’s motivating this man.

Grabover Manor
Grabover Manor Gameplay

There is a lot going on at this party; everyone is there for their own selfish reasons. The man of the hour is oblivious to your presence, but you can use this to find out why you were framed. Make sure you talk to everyone and explore each room to get the most out of this mission.


Is it Okay to Trust a Talkative Turtle?

by Bastien Barault

Is it Okay to Trust a Talkative Turtle? is a short adventure game which starts you on a journey from where your grandfather left off. You discovered his journal, which tells a tale about a talking turtle, however most of it is faded. This turtle appeared by the beach and spoke to your grandfather. If you go to the beach, you can find the same turtle, waiting for you. You can then follow the turtle’s instructions, finding its own land and listening to the people there.

Is it Okay to Trust a Talkative Turtle
Is it Okay to Trust a Talkative Turtle Gameplay

The turtle’s world is quite like your own, after all. Listen to what they say or rebel — this game has two different endings to explore.

There is a Secret Tunnel to the Center of the Earth


There is a Secret Tunnel to the Center of the Earth tells of a secret tunnel which takes you to the center of the Earth. This seems like a peculiar tunnel — full of goo and slime — and one you don’t actually remember going into. But it’s there, or rather it’s everywhere you look, if you look close enough. The tunnel is warm but not the ‘perfect’ temperature the center of the Earth is. It becomes an escape, the perfect place for you to explore.

There is a Secret Tunnel to the Center of the Earth
There is a Secret Tunnel to the Center of the Earth gameplay

With so many ways to get to it, why not spend a while in the warmth of the Earth? This curious little adventure is a tale created by someone with a very nice imagination.

Bitsy Jam: Secrets has a handful of other small games and stories you can enjoy! Each monthly jam is so different, the stories very unique and creative — if you’d like to keep an eye on the engine or the jam, follow Adam Le Doux, the creator of the engine, on Twitter!

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