Impact Winter’s April Release Date Reaffirmed with Trailer for Ice Cool Survival Game

Impact Winter, from developer Mojo Bones and publisher Bandai Namco, has been quiet thus far this year. Today, however, the duo have released a new trailer for the post-societal survival title.

The game, for those unaware, takes place in a ruined future where Earth’s ecosystems was nigh-destroyed by an asteroid collision. You play as Jacob Solomon who must survive the frozen ruins in order to see his group of survivors to safety. Unexpectedly the game combines the expected exploration and scavenging gameplay with a base of operations. This means, somewhat unconventionally in the genre, your forays are purely for sustenance, rather than to reach the next objective.

The game can currently be wishlisted on its Steam page ahead of it’s April 12th launch on PC. Xbox One & PS4 versions are set to launch later in the year.

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