Chart Your Own World in Neo ATLAS 1469; Now Localised, Launching Next Week.

Arc System Works have announced the completion of their localisation of ARTDink’s Neo ATLAS 1469, with a launch for PC due on the 14th of February in NA & EU regions.

Neo ATLAS 1469 is a management title where you command your own trading company, hiring admirals and developing ports to expand your company. The best way to achieve this is through exploration; the known world of 1469 is limited, but with your admirals and great galleys you can send expeditions into the unknown to explore the world.

That’s where it gets interesting, because the actual definition of cartography is completely removed from any context for the rest of the game. As reports land on your desk, you get to decide which are valid and which are not; and through the magic of video games they become gospel.

What this means is that you can deploy a Kraken where another report told you there was a continental landmass, or you can completely deform what we know the world to be (see 1:00 in the trailer below).

It’s certainly an interesting sounding concept, and it’s always good to see the worlds regions share titles that otherwise wouldn’t be playable in other parts of the world. In this case Neo ATLAS 1469 was actually a Vita game exclusive to Japan, however as of February 14th it’ll also be available on PC in NA & EU regions.

A new trailer is below.

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