Horizon Zero Dawn’s Cinematic Launch Trailer Asks the Most Important Question

The trailer zeroes in on how mankind no longer rules Earth right before the game’s release.

Horizon Zero Dawn is about to hit the market, and a cinematic launch trailer has been released recently to showcase the game’s main incognita: Earth was a land of human hegemony but it is no longer so. Uncovering that mystery will be one of the game’s most impending tasks. You can watch the trailer at the end of this piece.

Under the title “Earth is ours no more”, the trailer features a decaying Earth and how Aloy and others like her struggle to survive against the ferocious machines that hold the power of the land. Both Sony and Guerrilla are making sure the game is out there for everybody with multiple videos on the world, the enemies and the game as a whole, all leading up to release.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch exclusively on PS4 on February 28 (NA) and March 1st (PAL)

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