Hitman Holiday Hoarders Free Festive DLC Detailed, Due December 13th

New Holiday Hoarders DLC adds festive twist to Paris map and two new targets.

Hitman’s season one story might have finished, but Io Interactive have unveiled a new treat for players of the game – an extra mission (in the stylings of The Showstopper, for those aware) within the Paris map of the game.

The Paris map will be overhauled for the mission, much like the smaller stand-alone missions in the game that reuse locations but with new NPC routes, targets and assets. Unlike the others however this one will have a festive theme, being set at Christmas and geared around taking out two present (and valuables) pinching thieves.

The official skinny follows:

“The mission, ‘Holiday Hoarders’ is new bespoke content set in Paris. Using the Showstopper mission as a backdrop, Paris has been given a festive overhaul with Christmas trees, decorations and presents throughout the Palace. Unfortunately not everyone at the fashion show is there to spread festive joy. Two thieves have gained entrance to the fashion show event and are stealing presents. As Agent 47, it’s your job to stop them. Feel free to open up some of the presents you find as some of the content will be handy to get the job done…..oh and listen out for the sleigh bells for a surprise guest, whose suit might come in handy…!”

Io Interactive are also encouraging players to bear in mind the World Cancer Research Fund ( WCRF-UK.ORG/HITMAN )should they think of donating this season.

Holiday Hoarders will be added to the game in an update expected to roll out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on the 13th of December.


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