Hidden Folk Receives Free Update; “The Factory” a 20’000 Object Level

The Factory map, the largest and most complex to date, has been added into Hidden Folks free of charge from today.

Adriaan de Jongh, one of the team behind Hidden Folks, took to the game’s Steam page earlier on this week and announced that the award-winning ‘Where’s Wally’ -alike would be receiving a free map via an update today, the 15th of June.

Kate reviewed the game earlier on in the year and loved it, you can read about what all the hype was about here.

The map would be the largest yet, containing over 20’000 objects, a dozen new interaction types, and over thirty targets. Not only did the game have a massive amount of objects, but the vast majority of them were made new for the update.

The development team (including a fantastic segment by Martin Kvale who oversaw the quirky, mouth-made sound effects) proceeded to deliver extensive developer diaries running up to the launch. The first dealt with the art, and assembly of the game, the second the systems and sound, and the third covering a wide berth of things, from playtesting, the target, translation, and a small section on targets of The Factory.

The developer diaries include a fair-few fun little GIFs like this.

You can find Hidden Folks on Steam, here. It’s also available on iOS mobile devices.

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