Here’s the ‘A Way Out’ Gameplay Trailer from EA’s E3 Event

Earlier on in the week, on EA’s own EA Play presentation, EA announced that Yosef Fares, the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, would be releasing his next title -A Way Out- on their EA Originals label.

We covered the reveal trailer earlier on the week, however omitted to host the two and a half minute long trailer which was released shortly afterwards and featured slight narration from Fares.

The trailer gives us a deeper look at elements of the title;  multiple ways to solve situations, points where the players must directly work together, and moments while one player retains control and another is caught-up in a story sequence.

It’s a truly impressive looking offering, and the developer promised that the game is full of a massive variety of set-pieces, each controlling and resolving in different ways than one another.

While there’s no word on the playtime for the game, it’s extremely evident from the trailer that the adventures of Vincent and Leo extend far beyond the prison walls, spiralling from their escape through them resolving personal issues and going after a shared associate who caused harm to the both of them.

A Way Out is in development for Windows PC, PS4 & Xbox One, and is set to release in early 2018.

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