Heredox is a quick tile-based game to pass the time

Short games which can be played in between larger games or quickly while traveling between places are sometimes hard to find. Heredox, however, is a lovely tile placement game which is really fun and easy to pick up.

Heredox is played by two players, each hoping to have the most of their shapes on the board. In between those players is a stack of tiles. Going turn by turn, they must take a tile off of the stack and place it in the space between them. That space is going to end up being a four by four grid — you both just don’t know where the edges are yet.

The tiles each have halves of shapes on some of their sides. Before placing the first tile, you’ll both need to decide who is circles and who is squares. You’ll then score points by having finished versions of your shape once the entire grid is full. Placing tiles so that the other player cannot create their shape or to ruin their shapes quickly becomes the aim of the game. You’ll also want to define the edges as soon as possible, so that you can face tiles with your opponents shape outwards.

Heredox is very fast to play, ending in about five minutes. In the prototype that I played at UKGE 2019 the tiles were wooden and very nice to place down. We spoke with the developers, Original Content London, about how the game can work with any sort of graphics — pairing up fruits, other shapes, sandwiches etc. With this simple idea and how it’s balanced, Heredox is a great little game.

Heredox does not have a release date currently, but you can sign up for the developer’s newsletter on their website.

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