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1464862441_preview_logo_512x512_animTitle: Symmetry
Developer:Sleepless Clinic
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?
Adventure, strategy, horror, puzzle.

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?
It looks like an easy on the eyes post-apocalyptic game, with it’s gentle graphics, that although beautiful, still show the harsh weather of where you are.

What do we like most about it?
The team management sounds interesting, after crashing their ship, you have to help your crew fix their ship whilst surviving in a symmetrical world. Not only that but there’s apparently moral choices to be made…bring on feeling guilty for letting a friend die so you can eat them…you can actually eat people.

Anything else worth shouting about?
The developer promises a soundtrack and ambient sounds that are supposed to be incredibly, and as heard…it sounds like it will in fact be wonderful to play along to for this reason alone. The wonderful swelling sounds please us.

When’s it due?
Symmertry was Greenlit on the 11th June 2016, and is available for PC

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