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Daily Chthonicle - LogoTitle: Daily Chthonicle : Editor’s Edition
Developer: Sinister Systems
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What type of game is it?

Team Management, Mystery Solving

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

You are the editor of The Daily Cthhonicle, you decide how to equip your six reporters and where to send them to best resolve the supernatural, and mundane, issues of the townsfolk.

What do we like most about it?

I’m sorry, but this is simply an amazing idea. The fact that you get a budget based on the lives of people you have saved, to then spend that budget equipping your journalists to head out to further save the town (your journalists also happen to be exorcists, demon hunters, etc) is absolutely brilliant.

Anything else worth shouting about?

In the draft of the manual available to read [here] there’s a section dedicated to burglary, breaking into the homes of the guilty/innocent and taking goods. That’s all well and good, but it’s the fact that this is done through equipment, or even the good-ol’-fashioned “Knock” spell.

When’s it due?

There’s a version of it available on the developer’s website. That said, this is clearly the “Editor’s Edition” which means the content within will likely be different than that which you can get at the moment. It’s currently listed for a Steam launch this year.

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