Greenlight Highlight | Bot Vice

693895409_preview_mainTitle: Bot Vice
Developer: DYA Games
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?
Shooter with a load of action

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?
A cop heads out and takes justice into his own hands and takes down the Wildbots, his own way, by his own rules.

What do we like most about it?
There’s a time limit to complete each level, if you hit a certain level and your previous times haven’t added up to allow that level to unlock, you’ll need to go back and complete whichever levels you can improve to progress. Interesting system!

Anything else worth shouting about?
The 2D classic style looks rather nifty, along with it’s fluid animations and crazy carnage. Seriously, it looks bonkers.

When’s it due?
It was Greenlit on the 11th June 2016 for PC.

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