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Ballad of Gangsters - LogoTitle: Ballad of Gangsters
Developer: Dietrich Siegle
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What type of game is it?

Isometric Management Simulator

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Take over the town as a mobster and their underlings as you lay pressure on citizens to cough up the dough, that you might expand your business and keep the police and rival gangs at bay.

What do we like most about it?

This is, at current state, looking to be something like Gangsters 2 lite, which isn’t nessecerily a bad thing; the mobster and town-takeover type of game has fallen by the wayside of late, with the last game that came close to doing it well being The Godfather 2 back on last generation systems.

Currently the game looks a little bit rough around the edges, especially made more apparent to the observant by the fact that the city itself is generated and tailored using a relatively popular Unity Store asset. Ignoring that however, the use of that asset is quite admirable, and things like the events and assignments of mobsters seems to be pretty robust. I am just unsure as to whether what we will actually get is more than a shadow of the project.

Time, I suppose, will tell on this one; but if the team can put the right level of effort into this then it could be something really special.

When’s it due?

Ballad of Gangsters is currently listed for a launch in Q4 of this year (I hope into early access first, as discussed above). It will launch for Windows PC, Mac & Linux.

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