Greenlight Highlight | AIRHEART


Developer: Blindflug Studios
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?

3D flying adventure game.

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Following on from last year’s award-winning Cloud Chasers you play a young girl out to make a living through fishing, while also battling her way through bosses and sky pirates in a visually appealing 3d flying adventure game.

What do we like most about it?

The world of Airheart looks amazing, I only hope that there’s a greater variety of scenes than we see in the trailer for the title. Indeed, the description for the game says that each of the levels are generated on level load – I just hope that there’s a wide variety of textures and building models, for the game to generate from as you ascend the levels of society, and go after the big catches.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the story advances in the story, there’s promise of the game discussing social structure, as well as the dangers of overfishing – this seriousness is stark in comparison to the happy-go-lucky look of the game.

Anything else worth shouting about?

The controls for the game look really interesting, I’m unsure if there’s an orbit style gravity system controlling the momentum of the hero’s craft, or whether it’s just a twin stick/mouselook title, but it certainly looks really interesting.

When’s it due?

Airheart is according to the developers in a state ready for early access, so it’s just a case of getting through Greenlight before it launches for Windows PC.

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