Go-Go Town! has you creating a cute world

Slice of Life adventure games are ones that I simply love. Creating my own little world, building up a town, and managing different characters always feels like a fun time. In Go-Go Town, you are able to build up your own small town, for a corporation, with the goal of creating a thriving city that people want to visit and spend money in.

Corporation workers provide a tutorial on how you can gain resources; wood and stone, which you can then process using machines to create resources. These resources are then used to build various types of buildings for your town. You have limited space in your town, to start with, so picking buildings that can use resources you have an abundance of will help you meet the monetary goals that the corporation provides for you.

You see, Go-Go Town is quite the open game. You can build, gather, instruct other villagers, or just explore around. While there are goals, there isn’t any penalty if you decide to leave all your shops without items and fill your town with trash. That being said, you do need coins to build more things, and there is a score given for how influential your town is based on the decoration, shops, and how much garbage you have left littered around.

Your townspeople can be assigned to work in your shops, arcades, galleries, and food halls, as well as assigned to work at your farm, gather stones and wood, or even work at buildings that have them running errands for you. There are a lot of options — as you would want — in an open world game.

Go-Go Town

I quite enjoyed my time with Go-Go Town, through which I was able to create a lovely little town filled with quirky characters like ghosts, werewolves and humans. There are a lot of little aspects to manage, but managing them becomes a part of your day to day, as you go through and expand the various lands.

As the demo stands, there is a good amount of content for players to enjoy between the tutorial quests, further quests, and then the offer to just continue playing and exploring. I did feel that the tutorial to the game could use some work, as I  often built different stores or food venues that needed items I had never seen before. When I did find them in specific areas, it still did not guide me in how to make them. 

I had purchased a hotdog cart early on, found a hotdog at the farm, but had no idea that I could change the two current machines there so that one of them produced further hotdogs for me to then stock the cart with. I still, to this day, have no idea how to make honeycomb as that doesn’t seem to come from the beehive. Having an optional book that does act as a little guide on how to create some of these materials might be something worth considering, if they do not want to over tutorialise. The only other thing that I feel needs polish is the menus when building; currently it feels like buildings get lost in the menus and there aren’t ways to move stuff you have placed, but I am sure that will come with the further updates, as the game gets closer to release.

I do feel those who like growing towns and managing different businesses will have fun with Go-Go Town. It’s all about building up your town, without you having to develop relationships or do fetch quests, which feels like something that is very freeform and fun to play through.

You can wishlist Go-Go Town! On Steam.

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