Boo-tay Call is NSFW ghost guessing board game!

Sometimes, comic book artists spread their wings and create board games using their distinct style. Boo-tay Call is a board game created by comic book artist Extra Fabulous, that’s about guessing what ghost is currently being played, out of a selection of eight on the table. This is done through playing cards and the ghost taking actions.

Taking turns, one person in your group will be Boo-tay Call‘s ghost. They will select the top card of the ghost deck, look at it, then draw seven additional cards. They will then shuffle all of the cards and place them out on the playing field. The next player in your group will then draw two cards from the actions deck. 

Boo-Tay Call

These cards are how you are going to figure out which ghost the ghost player is. There are four different types of actions; mumbling, knocking on the table, making faces and charades. The action for the specific card will be listed at the top. Under the type of action it is, there is a question that you get to ask to the ghost player. You can pick one card to play and discard the other card in your hand.

These question cards are not straight forward in their questions, giving a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to asking them. Some cards ask about being lit or boring, others want you to use your face to show how much of your teeth is showing on the ghost card. Another wants you to somehow portray an item in the background of your image card only using your charade skills.

Being the ghost, you want people to find out who you are, as you will earn a point. When you are a non-ghost-player, you also want to be the one who figures out who the ghost is, so that you can earn a point. In Boo-Tay Call, after a player asks their question and the ghost answers, any number of players can guess as to which ghost they might be. If a player is wrong, they are out of the rest of the round and cannot guess or ask a question card. The remaining players then continue around asking questions until it gets back to the ghost. If nobody has figured it out by then, the round ends, and the next player becomes the ghost. Once someone does figure it out, the round also ends the same (but with points awarded).

Boo-Tay Call

The version of Boo-Tay Call we used contained a lot of horny cards, with some marked as NSFW due to having penises clearly visible in the cards. All of these cards are well drawn in the comic book artists style, although it’s clearly not a game appropriate to play with children. These cards are quite funny, with some outlandish depictions, which make it a good game for those with this sort of sense of humor! 

Boo-Tay Call is quite a quick game to play, especially if you know those who you are playing with, as their small gestures can really help reveal who they are trying to portray. As the rounds are so quick and the game itself is so full of humor, it doesn’t feel weird or embarrassing to grunt on the grunt card or do something silly in charades. It’s a simple game, with great art, and a pretty funny concept. If you are a fan of simple, NSFW party games, here is a good addition to your collection.

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