GioTeck TX-50, a PS5 headset at a great price point

Now that people are getting their new PS5, or maybe even a second hand PS4, new headsets specifically designed for the console are finding their way into the wild. The GioTeck TX-50 is one such headset. With an affordable price point and some great features, it’s a headset well worth taking a look at.

The GioTeck TX-50 is a really beautiful looking headset, set in a lovely white color that matches the new PS5 very nicely. The headset does have an interesting design, especially when it comes to the ears of this one. They are quite narrow, looking like a melted diamond, which (personally) just barely go over my ears. I found that because of this, the headphones are a bit claustrophobic feeling, as they are more of an on-ear experience then over-the-ear design, which does not help with noise cancellation. With that in mind, the padding around the headphones is comfortable and doesn’t get too warm, which is a big plus.

The body of the headset is quite sturdy, especially for the price point, and is made of hard plastic. It is a wired headset, which also has a quick muting slider and volume control, as well as a clip that will allow you to clip it around your shirt, if you’d like. This is a nice feature if you want to keep the headset itself handy! 

The microphone on the GioTeck TX-50 is bendy, so you can move it wherever you want easily. The quality is good for talking with your friends and enjoying some time gaming. The volume from the headset itself is fine, with the maximum volume being clear enough to allow you to hear smaller, in-game sound effects.

GioTeck TX-50

Overall, the GioTeck TX-50 feels like a great headset for the price point — perfect for someone looking for a quality headset for their new PS5 or someone who is in need of an upgrade from their old headset on their previous console. There is not much more I could ask for, a part from a bit of extra room for my ears!

You can purchase the GioTeck TX-50 on Argos.

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