Ghostlight Announce They’re Porting Omega Quintet to PC Later This Year

Ghostlight not only recently announced the PC release for Lost Dimensions, but they are also bringing a JPRG hybrid, Idol simulation to PC too it has been revealed.

Idea Factory’s Omega Quintet, which launched last year for the PS4, will be being ported to the PC by notorious JRPG porting outfit Ghostlight Games.

Omega Quintet, which was developed by Compile Hearts (as Galapagos RPG) is a title based in a world that have become overrun by an evil darkness, with the fate of humanity sitting in the hands of five singing idols, commonly known as the “Verse Maidens”. These five girls battle against enemies and fight…with music to bring peace back.Every battle is treated as a performance, and with a “concert mode” included to bring musical boosts and other skills into play, the battles will be quite insane.

Players will also be able to customise their characters, but risk their costumes breaking from powerful enemy hits, but they can fight back with the “Harmonics” system in which players can sing their enemies to death.

Ghostlight are working on creating the best PC version possible, with support for multiple resolutions, Steam achievements, keyboard and mouse/controller support, and cloud based saves.

Source: Press Release

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