Furi Becomes Harder Yet: New Code Released to Unlock Furier Difficulty, Speedrun Mode from Scratch

The Game Bakers have announced that they will be pushing a new update Furi’s Steam version next week.

At an unspecified date this coming week (week commencing 2nd of July) The Game Bakers will be releasing a new update for the PC build of their unforgiving, consecutive boss-battle game Furi. The update will add in a code to unlock several new features, and also unlock speedrun and the hardest difficulty, Furier, for players from any point, meaning players will not need to complete the game before experiencing them.

The update is perfect for new users with an inclination for speedrunning who have picked up the game in the recent (and ongoing) sales.

In addition to the new modes the beta also unlocks the two bosses from the ‘The One More Fight’ DLC (The Flame and Bernard) for what is being -rather appropriately- titled the ‘Furi with the Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty” mode.

The developers released a new video showing off the code in action, which you can see below,

Furi is available now on the Xbox One, PS4 & PC.

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