Fixed Camera Mode For Daymare: 1998 Arrives

Daymare: 1998 has gained itself a new update that introduces a fixed camera mode, bringing back the nostalgic elements from classic Capcom titles.

Invader Studios have listened to their community and have brought a fixed camera mode to their survival horror title, Daymare: 1998. Originally the camera perspective was focused as third person, over the shoulder with a precise aiming rectile, just like those classic Resident Evil titles. The gameplays feel could possibly change due to this, but Invader Studios are going to bring a future update that explains how they’re compensating between going from third person to fixed camera.

Daymare: 1998 has a goal to focus on survival mechanics rather than action. Players will be put against creatures and forced to survive, gathering resources, and fighting off creepy, horrific creatures. There are also puzzles that stand before the player and players can gather a variety of weapons and a variety of characters to play as.

The title is currently being crowdfunded over on Kickstarter, and has a goal of €180,000. At the time of writing this it has raised €27,111 and has support from several figures, such as Kazuhiro Aoyama, Director of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and has worked on the franchise since Resident Evil in 1996.

Daymare: 1998 is going to be available on PC, but will also be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One due to passing the needed goal. You can find the first gameplay trailer below which show’s the over the shoulder camera in action.

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