Here’s the First Thirty Minutes of Steamworld Dig 2 with TrenceJ

Here’s the First Thirty Minutes of Steamworld Dig 2 with TrenceJ

Image & Form Games’ Steamworld Dig 2 is out imminently, with both the Switch and PC versions launching this week, and PS4 & Vita versions following next week.

While Jorge is off prepping his review for the game we’ve dragged our resident retro whizz, TrenceJ, into the present day and had him spend just under thirty minutes with the game — you can find that video above.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s the sequel to 2013 title Steamworld Dig. The original was celebrated as an exceptional adventure game with a well implemented progression system. The game was followed by a strategy title, Steamworld Heist, which launched on 3DS in late 2015 before reaching other platforms last year.

Steamworld Dig 2 takes place within the same setting as the first, although at an unspecified time. It follows the adventures of Dorothy, a shopkeeper from the first game who is on a quest to rescue a friend.

Unlike the first game, the sequel has a greater focus on platforming and ability-based play, there’s also large bosses and new NPCs who drive the game’s story forward — versus the largely environmental storytelling of the first game.

Most obvious however, is the visual improvements of the game, both in the beautifully detailed art and the game’s visual effects — visual effects like glowing gemstones and lapping flames now paint the world in light, a stark change from the more limited lighting in the first game.

You can expect to see our review on the website over the next while, and you should also anticipate more first looks from our growing video team in future.

Steamworld Dig 2 launches on Nintendo Switch on the 21st of September, PC platforms on the 22nd, as well as the PS4 & Vita on the 26th (North America) and 27th (Europe) of the month.

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