Project Remedium (v0.1710) – An FPS with the Human Body as the Battlefield

Yes, this is what the interior of organs are like

In Project Remedium, you take control of a medical nanite, sent in to save a young girl from cancer. Unfortunately, on your first incursion to collect some tissue,  everything goes horribly wrong. You awake to find out that the cancer has spread to everywhere, and has also taken over a pile of nanites???

It is your job to fight through the bodies, destroying cancer and liberating organs. You are joined in your quest by a nanite called SuperVissete who upgrades your equipment and provides you with valuable information. Basically it makes no sense and is just weird.

Each level is a different organ of the body, where you must fight through incredibly powerful waves of mobile cancer cells and caner infected nanites. You complete each level by destroying the cancer there, and getting the nanite workforce there back into action, running the body again. In between levels, you travel through the blood stream, where you can get some extra points by killing cancer cells travelling in the blood with you.

You are equipped with two weapons, an energy weapon controlled with your left mouse, and a needle gun with your right mouse button. These weapons damage one of the two health bars enemies have, energy for the red bar, and needles for the blue bar. You are also equipped with a grapnel, which allows you to fly throughout the levels.

This is supposed to be the liver! What are these white sphere things?!

Killing enemies gives you experience, which can be used to upgrade various abilities, such as the grapnel using less energy when in use. You can also craft health packs for your various stats from items dropped by enemies, such as gold, silver and other such elements. There are different types of enemies, ranging from little balls of cancer which roll around and bump into you, to big cancerous things which spout homing balls of energy, which can be deflecting using your energy weapon. Some enemies have different health bars, encouraging you to use both of your weapons and not just focus on one.

The tube!

Project Remedium is currently being kick started, and has several stretch goals available. These range from upgrading the visuals of the game (which it needs when it fails to hit 15fps on the lowest setting) ,more ailments and illnesses to infect the various organs and porting the game to consoles. Project Remedium  is made in Unreal engine, which these days seems to be code for incredibly shiny textures and badly optimised performance.

I just, I, I cant anymore

Project Remedium purports itself to be an educational game, teaching children about anatomy and the human body. And it does, in that I want to put this game down and pick up an anatomy book. None of the anatomy or design makes sense. There are, I think offshoots of the gut with villi hanging around, but then there are no microvilli chilling out and there are weird blood red ferns floating around, so its all just weird. The first level, which is the liver has massive open spaces all over the place. I really hope that the level structure is fixed in later releases but right now any kid who plays this as an education experience is going to learn a lot of incorrect stuff.

Right now Project Remedium is not really good, its got some good ideas but needs work and effort put into it. Hopefully it gets some more funding and its issues and problems can be rectified and fixed.

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