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Going through my tweets I came across something which made me stop and think — a rare thing, I know. An imminent game call Road Redemption had popped up, straddled with the tag ‘Road Rash Sequel’.

Being an old school gamer, Road Redemption instantly made me intrigued as its inspiration had been one of my go-to games as a young gamer, Road Rash. Checking out the developer’s website, I soon saw that the game had the potential to actually become a long-awaited spiritual sequel.

Being a biker myself, I am also interested in how the mechanics work and the controls. There is a sore lack of fun biker-only games out there, and it would be nice to see this succeed. So, being the proactive guy I am, I got in touch with the PR team for the studio, Pixel Dash Studios, to see if we could squeeze out any information regarding the game. And, being the helpful bunch that they are, we managed to get a variety of screenshots and a trailer for you all to enjoy.

Whilst I have had no hands-on experience with the game, so cannot comment on the control system and how it actually plays, we can see some telling clues from what was sent through.

Here’s the game’s story, as provided by the site:

Road Redemption takes place in a post-apocalyptic America, ruled by a brutal dictator. Without telling anyone, your gang leader has decided to head to the capital on a desperate assassination attempt. When the government catches him, the consequences for your gang, and everyone you know and love, will be devastating.

It’s up to you and your fellow gang members to race across hundreds of miles of dangerous highways in order to track down your derelict leader before the government does. What you do next is up to you. Do you try to stop him in order to protect your family and friends from punishment, or do you join him in a risky attempt at ending the oppression once and for all?

The game itself comes with a variety of missions, such as earning money by completing races, assassinations, robberies, and other challenges in your path. Besides that you are also able to upgrade your character, bike, and weapons through collecting loot.

Another discussion point regarding the game is that it has a single-life play system.There are no extra lives or continues. Fortunately, every time you die, all the experience you’ve collected can be used to upgrade your character, your bike, and your weapons. This then allows you to ensure your progress is always moving forward and one that could for and against the game. However, if you keep having to go over the same area again and again, even with some good loot, it may get pretty grinding and stale quickly.

Now besides the single player game there is also a full 4-player split screen co-op experience. It will be interesting to see how this actually plays out and how easy it is to link with other players, as well as how the servers are.

The game released on October 4th for PC, Mac, and Linux. We have no word if this will be ported over to console. (We can only hope)

For those who want to know more about Road Redemption, and Developers Pixel Dash Studios & EQ-Games, then see the developer’s website.

*All media has been given permission by the developer’s PR Team.

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