EVERSPACE: Xbox One Release Date, PC Full Release Date Confirmed for Space-Dogfighting Roguelike; Trailer Within

Rockfish Games confirmed earlier today that their story-led, space dogfighting title, EVERSPACE, will be updated to 1.0 status on PC today, and releasing on Microsoft platforms before the end of the month.

EVERSPACE, combines Rogue-style gameplay with the Space Dogfighting subgenre that’s been popping up increasingly over the last few years. Beautiful space vistas, mapped procedurally, are interlaced with pips of story elements, all laid out across a very jagged difficulty curve.

Our own Jorge wrote about the game in a Steam review before joining us last year;

The beautiful part about space is its a place of endless possibilities for writing, gaming, movies, etc. Our thirst for flying through the stars and discovery will never be quenched, thankfully the people at Rockfish know this. Enter EVERSPACE, a Roguelite space simulator that takes inspiration from games like FTL and mixes that with a hardcore action shooter. This is the space combat that No Man’s Sky should’ve had. From crafting, randomized loot that changes your combat style, different ships(not implemented yet,) random events, and a fully progressive tech tree, EVERSPACE is a very promising title.

Earlier today existing players, and backers of the game’s 2015 Kickstarter, will have received a free update which updated the game to it’s launch, 1.0, state. In addition to news of this, the developers also released a new gameplay trailer -below- as well as confirming a release date for the Windows 10 Store, and Xbox One version of the game – May 26th.

The update adds some final tweaks to the game’s previous build, and also revamps the end sector of the story, adding in a big boss battle. It also adds HTC Vive & Oculus Rift support, and a fully voice acted story structure powered through cutscenes, flashbacks, and campaign missions.

You can check out the latest trailer, released today, below.

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