Estate Agent Simulator is a pretty good simulator, but a great sandbox

In Estate Agent Simulator, you unsurprisingly play as an estate agent, however — as per recent simulator games — there’s a lot that you can do outside of the core game loop including some RPG mechanics and, bizarrely, crypto trading.

Estate Agent Simulator is, by design, something that you can set at your own pace as you play — although you’ll often be working your way through one property at a time due to the very nature of its expansion on the house flipping formula. To do that, you’ll need to buy furniture, make the house look nice for the realtors and you need to negotiate to sell the house at a higher price.

That said, the whole thing is chock-full of customisation options: You can choose what you look like, choose what your wife looks like, what your house looks like and you can even choose your own car. Its not been out long — and it launched into Early access — but it has the potential to be something special.

A lot of simulator games are passable or gimmicky, but a lot of effort has gone into Estate Agent Simulator to help it stand out from the rest — which already shows as it has great visuals and there is so much to do.

There are negatives, of course. The developers have perhaps leant a little too heavily into the simulator side of things in a few places, namely having to load up and unload individual items when travelling to and from the store. In addition to that there are some visual issues like objects popping in, which you can even see in the game’s trailers.

All of that said, Kiki Games are very active, and are pushing updates and bug fixes live regularly; If they keep up that energy then who knows what it could look like in a year?

I believe that Estate Agent Simulator is truly fantastic and surprisingly in-depth compared to most simulator games on the market. It’s really easy to get started, and the freedom that comes with all the silly extra things you can do (fighting game style brawls in the street, riding a horse around, etc) means that it’s a great time sink. If you want to stick strictly to the renovations element then there are also absolute tonnes of customisation options. I had low expectations for it before I played it, but it was surprisingly polished and deep.

Estate Agent Simulator is available now, in Early Access, on Steam.

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