Elegant Desk Chairs Don’t Need to Look Like Racing Chairs with Lakeland Furniture

When it comes to desk chairs, often gaming chairs are what I tend to see most of in the gaming industry. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Many of them look like race car chairs, all the same basically, with different paddings and colors here and there. I have my own padding that I really enjoy sitting on, so the additional padding is nothing I have really cared about. I have had lots and lots of gaming chairs that really aren’t that pleasing to the eye and often wanted something more on the elegant side for meetings, general office aesthetic and just to enjoy. So, I tried out the Calgary Office Chair in dark blue velvet, which really feels quite fancy.

This office chair is a shorter back then traditional gaming chairs, which is the first thing you will probably notice from it. Having a shorter back does not mean there isn’t back support, you can still lean back and rest against the back, however, there isn’t head support or neck support in the chair. This chair can still be moved up and down, and has small arm wrests, if you want to use them. As the fabric is velvet, it is super soft and luxurious feeling – and the chair itself doesn’t take up loads of room and block off the rest of my room from Zoom calls. It’s a really comfortable and cozy chair and can easily take my padding, so that I do feel supported.

Having such an elegant desk chair has been a big upgrade to my office. It feels fancier, people can see more of my room during meetings, and quite a few people have noticed the color. It’s a chair that not many other people seem to have in their background, which is an interesting feature. I have been sitting in this chair as much as I sit in any of the chairs in my office space and it’s not uncomfortable or small feeling, despite being a much smaller chair visually, which is something I thought might actually be an issue as I am use to the huge, racing gaming chairs that everyone seems to suggest getting.

When it comes to having a working from home space, I have always wanted a space I visually like going into, that is also comfortable for me to work in. This office chair meets both requirements, being something that looks so nice and luxurious, while also being comfortable for long-term use.

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