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Elder Scroll’s Online Getting Major Housing Update: Homestead

Bethesda Softworks have released details pertaining to the next major update to their MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s all about player housing.

Homestead, the next major update to ESO, will add the ability for players to own and decorate their own homes. The update will add nearly 40 unique homes, and over 2000 items which can decorate your home; some craft able, some buy-able.

The update is set to release fully in February next year, however PC players can use the public test server to check out -and obviously test- the content in January.

The trailer at the bottom of the post showcases some furnished and unfurnished homes, highlighting the racial differences between the homes, as well a diverse selection of the items you can use to decorate them. Players will be able to buy homes from any of the game’s races regardless of what they play as – with the exception of Imperial homes which you need to have bought the Imperial Upgrade for.

The developer also confirmed that players can own multiple homes, and that each will be located in the base zones rather than DLC ones. They also confirmed that the homes are account based, not character based.

You’ll need to prove your worth in order to move into a home, as well as splash out some gold (especially for the readily furnished ones), however once that is done it;s all yours. If you want to fill it with cheeses (remember, nobody has as many friends as the man with many cheeses) or simply use it to centralise crafting stations, pets, mounts or your assistants, then you can.

There’s loads more information over on the game’s website, for the curious.

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