Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds — Amazing sound quality

I wear earbuds every single day. You can find earbuds bursting out of several places in my house, if I am honest. There are some in my side table drawer, a bunch that have been left to die in my desk drawer, all missing their plastic earbud covers, a bunch downstairs in a basket near the extra wireless mice. I use earbuds when I am at my computer, traveling, and more. 

And, I felt like I really knew earbuds. I bought cheap and cheerful ones that were soon discarded, but then I tried the Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds, and realized I was wrong. These earbuds have amazing sound quality. Edifier are known for their amazing sound quality — and they have delivered. These earbuds are so much better than anything I have ever tried that are this small. It’s proper headset quality, in a small and sleek package.

Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds

Now that I have spent some time talking about how impressed I am with the audio, let’s talk about what you are getting with these earbuds. The set comes with the standard three plastic ear tips, in small, medium and large. Along with these, there are changeable ear supports, which go more into your inner ear, in three sizes as well. These ear supports keep the earbuds in place better and really do help block out noise, so you can hear exactly what you want to hear.

There is a built in microphone, but if you are looking for a bit more quality, there is a detachable microphone that you can plug into the landhand earbud as well. This microphone isn’t ridged and can be moved around. The quality is really good, perfect for a gaming session with some friends! You will also get a storage bag, some splitter cables to go with it, a clamp if you want to attach the earbuds to your shirt and a box to store all these bits and bobs. 

Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds

The cable length for the Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds are quite long, so you don’t need to worry about not having the length to lean back from your PC or grab something real quick. There are built in volume controls and a mute button, for quick access, which is really ideal in earbuds and standard by now. 

I am really blown away with the quality of these earbuds, as they are so much more than your average earbuds that you might get at your local supermarket or at an airport. They are something made for people who want quality in mind — and I don’t think they will find themselves in my desk drawer anytime soon.

The Edifier GM3 Gaming Earbuds work on PC, Android, iOS, and console, so you can use them to game however you do game. You can find them on Amazon.

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