Edge of Eternity Shines Bright in New Trailer

Midgar Studio are hard at work to take their Kickstarted project all the way to release and, judging by the latest trailer, things are going well.

Edge of Eternity was crowdfunded in Kickstarter and is in the works with Midgar Studio at the helm. As a way to show how the game is coming along, the team released a new trailer, which you can see at the end of this piece. The game looks graphically ambitious, which is remarkable considering the modest size of MS’ team.

The game is a ATB JRPG with a twist: a grid which will call for more strategic and diverse combat. The trailer showcases different characters and environments as well as how the combat looks in motion. As for the game’s plot, it all occurs in Heryon, a planet that finds itself on the verge of annihilation. Thus, a group of people will set forth in search of a way to prevent such a fate.

Gameplay features include some of what could be expected from a JRPG: weapon upgrading, alchemy/item fusion, visually stunning special attacks and the like. No release date is set yet and the game may still be a ways off, but its current look is reassuring enough. Enjoy the trailer of the game – headed to PC, Xbox One and PS4 – below.

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  1. Michael White says

    Great trailer, it’s looking good!

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