E3 2017 | Xbox One New Avatars Bring Updated Graphics, Animations, & More.

Xbox had announced that they had many plans for the Xbox One, especially with the new Xbox One X console arriving later this year. One of these plans were to update the Xbox One’s avatar system.

Avatars are used on the Xbox One as a way to represent yourself as a digital character rather than using your own personal selfies. They’re usually use there within the avatar bubbles as I call them, not doing a whole lot, but it looks like Xbox are upping the game by bringing a load of new features.

Firstly, they’re bring more clothes, and props, but they’re also including prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, pregnancy, and much more, allowing players to really show off their personality.

Also, within the video we see a clear upgrade in the visuals and animations, however it’s yet to be confirmed that these aren’t just polished promotional models and animations.

Oh. Unicorns too.

This Avatar system will be arriving sometime this Autumn, and the video below was found on The Verge’s Tom Warren’s YouTube Channel.

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